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Sears Becomes Alberta Indoor Comfort

Previously a Sears company from 1996 to 2018, we’ve now become Alberta Indoor Comfort. Same amazing service, just a new name! As homeowners ourselves, we understand how challenging it can be to find a reliable and reputable heating and air company for your home. During the winter season in Alberta, temperatures can easily dip into


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Ever consider Who Is Responsible ?

Ever consider who is responsible for the safety and health in your home ? • Food – Health Canada assures food safety • Water – your municipality purifies your water, unless you are on a well • Shelter – your municipality assures compliance to codes; utility providers look after gas & electricity • Air –


What You Should be Doing to Stop Corroded Pipes

Pipe corrosion occurs when your home’s pipes deteriorate over time. Your pipes are the foundation of your plumbing system and are responsible for bringing clean water in and taking dirty water out. If your pipes are not in good condition, it can have negative impacts throughout your home’s plumbing. Given the importance of pipes, pipe