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Why Do You Need an Electronic Air Cleaner at Home?

It has been a challenging year to live in a pandemic crisis, not to mention that the Covid-19 virus is still out there, lurking and waiting for the opportunity to strike anyone. Statistics show around 50% of Canadians are working from home. It has probably been reduced since early 2022 because massive vaccination has been


Why You Should Replace Poly B Piping in Your Home?

Is Poly B pipe or Polybutylene really bad? Are they still being recommended by licensed or certified plumbers in Calgary? Are they still popular to use right now? So many fears and questions with regards to Poly B pipe or Polybutylene. Poly B pipe was most commonly used in both residential and commercial areas in


Air Pollution - A Threat To Our Heart?

When we think about the effects of air pollution on our health, we immediately think of the respiratory system. It's a fact, isn't it? But, we didn't realize that it could also be very bad for our circulatory system, where our heart can be found. This threat to our health is very alarming, so let’s



Don’t Let Spring Allergies Get You Down

Spring is awesome. We get it! Even according to Gallup polls over several years, more people name Spring as their favorite season than any other. However, springtime isn’t all rainbows and lollipops, especially if you are suffering from seasonal allergies. As nice as it is for the cold winter weather to finally thaw out, the


Where do you start when considering Aging in Place?

Aging in Place is becoming a familiar term and it simply describes what over 95% of Seniors already know:  they want to remain safely and comfortably in the home they choose and remain as independent as possible. Like everywhere in North America, Alberta’s senior population is on the rise and there has been a significant