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What is your indoor air quality?

Do you have proper and balanced humidity in your home?

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Why is balancing humidity often a challenge?

Is the weather

too hot to handle?

Are you experiencing sleepless nights?

Tired of the musty odors in your room?

Want to reduce allergic reactions caused by dust?

Looking for ways to minimize your electricity bill?

Symptoms of poor air:

  • Sore or irritated eyes
  • Feeling of suffocation
  • Dry sore throat, coughing
  • Fatigue, Headaches
  • Agitation, Anxiety
  • Dizziness, Sleeplessness
  • Psoriasis, Palpitation
  • Nausea, Numbness
  • Cold sensitivity
  • Backaches

Balancing humidity is often a challenge, especially in Calgary’s fluctuating weather conditions that bring extra moisture or dry conditions and large temperature swings. You can use a humidifier to increase the humidity levels in your house and a dehumidifier to take moisture out of the air. Consider purchasing a hygrometer or calling an HVAC professional to check the humidity levels of your home in order to determine whether you need to use a humidifier or a dehumidifier.

Indoor Air Quality Solution




How does it help improve your indoor air quality?

As much as we enjoy the sunshine on our skin and the brightness of the day, summer air can be irritating at some point especially at night when you find yourself stirring and tossing, sweat dripping on your skin and moist on your bed. When may find ourselves waking up in the morning all grumpy and itchy, we sure to face a very challenging day ahead.

So we then wake up and turn our Air conditioner on to provide us with some relief in the intense heat of the damp air and summer breeze, just then as we feel the room starting to get cold, we realize that we are facing a much difficult discomfort--- paying Electricity bills!

It is an appliance that removes water from the air and maintains the level of humidity. The cost of running a dehumidifier ranges ONLY from $0.03 to $0.16 per hour, even if you keep it on for 24 hours it is still cost efficient than running your air conditioner.

Health Benefits from a Dehumidifier

Better sleeps at night

Studies shown that when the air has well maintained humidity, we can breathe easily and a lot better, hence helps us sleep as peacefully as we could.

No more molds and musty odor

Too much humidity in the air attracts molds and dust mites and can cause damage and leakage in house walls, worse- skin allergies. Having dehumidifier at home helps reduce molds build up and eliminates musty odors so you and your family will have more chances in avoiding allergic reactions and have a fun time with your whole family!


How does it help improve your indoor air quality?

Humidifiers generally help you increate your indoor air quality. Bacteria and viruses can travel through the air, causing and worsening diseases, and they get into the air easily. Maintaining an optimum humidity level between 30-50% in your home will decrease the number of viruses and bacteria living in the air in your home. Many people think that bacteria and viruses only flourish in a humid environment, however they also love really dry areas, too!

Health benefits from a Humidifier

Helps control snoring

Dryness of the air can cause blockage to your airways, which is why some of us are experiencing the horror of the intense snoring. An increase moisture in the air can help reduce the dryness then eliminates the blockage that helps us get through the evening of a sound sleep!

Healthier skin

The air is a great contributor on how our skin looks like, when it’s too dry, your lips tend to crack, your skin start to flake and you will notice horrible lumps and itchy bumps on it. When you use a humidifier it controls the water level on the air and acts as a sprinkler, it helps your skin to absorb just the right amount of moisture that it needs to keep it as healthy as possible.

Prevent Cold and Flu

The reason that flu and cold viruses run rampant during winter? The air is so dry, according to studies. Although scientists are not exactly certain as to why, moisture in the air dramatically reduces how contagious a virus is. Some research hypothesizes the water vapor can deform the virus.