We Understand Your Needs CRRA Partners!

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We Share Your Background and Understand Your Needs

The principals of Alberta Indoor Comfort are successful Property Owners, Property Managers and Landlords.

We understand Your:

  • Economics - cashflow focus and return on investment guides your decisions
  • Risk management - Peace of Mind that your tenants are Safe
  • Solutions - Your time is Valuable, thus your one call to Alberta Indoor Comfort does it all

We Take Care of Your Interests

Real Estate and Tenant Management is Complex. Understanding your objectives and drivers, we:

  • Your needs - we assess each service requirement as if it was our own investment
  • Tenant's needs - provide appropriate response to assure you a tenant forever
  • Time - we simplify the service process; we charge the responsible party (Tenant or You)
  • CRRA Members Unique Services - Beyond HVAC

Beyond comprehensive HVAC and Indoor Clean Air services, we also offer so much more.

Managing multiple contractors or internal staff and contractors is a drain on your time. What if your on-site (field) work could be dispatched to your service partner, enabling you to manage more real estate ?

Imagine a service provider who is on your team but not your day-to-day payroll, a provider who timely does "your" inspection, maintenance and service even if beyond their primary trade (eg. HVAC); imagine this provider does your on-site work the same way you would but saves you time and money because they are already there for their primary trade. We (Alberta Indoor Comfort) are this provider, a true partner for reaching your goals.

From years of our principals' property development and management experience, we developed our unique Total Property Program that provides you a one stop solution that includes:

  • HVAC systems
  • Building envelope
  • Water systems
  • Fireplace & gas systems
  • Electrical systems (eg. GFCI)
  • Safety systems - carbon monoxide, mold, radon
  • Indoor Air Quality and Healthy environment
  • Insurance requirements
  • Clandestine inspections (eg. cannabis)
  • Compliance (to your lease)
  • Many more

Alberta Indoor Comfort's Total Property Program is uniquely sized for your specific needs - consistent process, right sized for You.




CRRA Partner Base Discount

  • We are pleased to offer CRRA Members a base discount of 5% for all non Total Property Program services and products.
  • Please contact Carla to set-up your partner account: crra@www.albertacleanair.com or 403-815-9945

CRRA Partner HVAC Maintenance Program

  • We are pleased to offer CRRA Members a 10% for all HVAC maintenance programs contracted before June 1, 2019.
  • Please contact Carla to select your desired program level and set-up your partner account: crra@www.albertacleanair.com or 403-815-9945

CRRA Partner Total Property Program

  • Total Property Program provides ultimate value for our valued CRRA partners; the true Peace of Mind unique value, hands off service.
  • Uniquely customized to meet each clients' unique requirements for desired components, number of properties, frequency of service and other special goals.
  • Please contact Carla to customize your Total Property Program: crra@www.albertacleanair.com or 403-815-9945