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How can you make your home more energy efficient?

Reduce your utility bills by nearly 50% and put $15,000 in your pocket.

Simple changes can create huge $$$ savings as your home becomes more energy efficient, without impacting your habits.

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Top 10 Energy Users In Your Home,

Reduce by 50% Without Changing Your Habits

Save Money.

It costs less to power a home that is energy-efficient.

Improve Comfort.

Home temperature better maintained and more easily managed to your needs.

Save Our Environment.

Save our Earth by reducing your carbon footprint by nearly 20%.

Increase heating and cooling efficiency - Reduce costs by up to 40%

1. Upgrade your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system.

Upgrade to higher efficiency systems and save 40-50% on energy cost.

2. Seal your leaky ductwork.

You can save 20%-40% of your HVAC energy when you seal your home's HVAC ducts, while also highly increasing your comfort.  Typical payback is less than three years.  And you reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Install a smart thermostat.

Programmable thermostat will save you money but smart thermostats do so much more as designed to predictively adjust to your historical use and current conditions.  Most are WiFi, thus high convenience.

Rebates frequently exist to help you make this change.

4. Increase basement insulation.

Basement's concrete walls and floors tend to bridge the cold from the outside ground.  With proper insulation, you can keep your home's heat inside, while providing additional space for your family to enjoy.

Floor and wall insulation both tremendously increase your comfort while reducing your energy bills.

5. Improve your roofing insulation.

Similar to your basement, attic is a heat bridge for energy loss to the exterior.  With time, your attic insulation degrades and its insulating capacity decreases.  Add additional insulation and stop the leaking energy.  You can save 15-20% on energy use.

6. Install a Heat Recovery Ventilator.

Heat and energy recovery ventilators assist with indoor air quality while recovering the energy, that you paid for, from the waste air your home expels to the outside.

HRVs also help with maintaining appropriate humidity levels in your home.  Concerned about radon in your home, HRVs and ERVs help here too.

Increase Water heating efficiency - Reduce energy usage by up to 30%

7. Install a Tankless Water Heater.

Never again run out of hot water while saving nearly 30% on your water heating bills - a great solution if you have teenagers or muddy pets.  Compared to a traditional hot water heater, no water storage means lower risk for corrosion and leaks. 

Extremely useful for large families, condos, housing villages, and other places where uninterrupted hot water is desired and space is at a premium.

8. Install a Hot Water Dispenser.

Instant hot water dispensers provide near boiling water for your cooking needs, at your fingertips, when you need it - no more wasting energy or waiting for your kettle to boil !

The instant hot water dispenser also increases safety as seniors and kids no longer have to carry a heavy kettle or pot from the stove.  Need to warm up a baby bottle or clean a pacifier ?  this dispenser is great and no worries with burning or melting the plastic in the microwave !

Decrease Lighting energy use by up to 80%

9. Switch to efficient LED lights.

Switch to the energy-efficient LED bulbs - you will benefit from nearly 80% less electricity use while receiving five times longer bulb life and the ability to significantly increase the lighting intensity.

10. Add motion detecting switches.

Motion sensing light and appliances switches conserve energy as turn off when no motion is sensed.  Easily integrated into existing electrical systems, just like a thermostat, these switches do the work for you.  

Beyond energy saving, these are a great solution for the mental health of parents tired of asking their kids to turn off the lights.  Also great for the elderly, disabled and those needing extra assistance navigating the home - like me fully loaded coming in from the garage and hunting for the switch !