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Get the room-by-room climate control you've always wanted with a multi-zone HVAC system!

An HVAC multi-zone system divides your home into areas called "zones." Each zone is controlled by its own thermostat. Zoning a home has many benefits, one being to maintain even temperatures throughout the house by setting temperatures individually for separate rooms.

Alberta Indoor Comfort (previously Sears) in Calgary, AB provides HVAC zoning, including thermostats and dampers that support even temperature distribution in the home, allowing for different comfort levels for individual family members.

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How HVAC Zoning Systems Work

Zoning systems work by using a series of push-button control dampers for individually-tailored performance, equipped with thermostats to control the temperature in different rooms. The thermostats control the zoning system through open or closed dampers that distribute the air evenly throughout the house.

Zoned systems contain a zone control panel, thermostats, and HVAC zone dampers. Zone dampers are installed in the HVAC ductwork to monitor air flow to the separate zones in the house. The zone dampers are connected to a specific zone on the control panel, and they automatically close and open depending on the thermostat request.

Many multi-level structures experience uneven hot and cold temperatures. This can be resolved when two zones are installed, one upstairs and one downstairs. When one zone reaches the proper temperature, the thermostat for that zone reduces the air flow into the zone, causing more air to be pushed to the second zone. The overall result is more consistently even temperatures throughout the structure.

How Zoned Systems Can Save You Money

The majority of homes have only one thermostat usually found on the ground floor of the house. This makes it impossible to regulate the temperature on the higher levels. Additionally, almost every household has one or two rooms that receive little to no traffic. Cooling these unoccupied rooms is a waste of energy and money. An HVAC zone control system makes it possible for you to direct conditioned air to certain rooms in the house, and leave the remaining unoccupied rooms untreated. This is a very energy-efficient way to cool and heat your home. Zoned systems allow you to save up to thirty percent on your monthly energy bill.

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You Can Add Multi-Zone System to Your Existing HVAC

Lucky for you, you don't have to start from scratch and install a new HVAC system to enjoy multi-zone heating and cooling. Alberta Indoor Comfort can add a zone control panel to your existing HVAC unit. The zone control panel is the central hub of the system, working together with your thermostats and the zone dampers of your HVAC. This panel is the brains of the zoning application and is usually situated next to your HVAC unit.

Our multi-zone systems are installed by licensed technicians who receive ongoing training in the latest in heating and cooling technology. In addition, our work is backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee in addition to the manufacturer's warranty.

HVAC zoning in the home has many benefits and very few drawbacks. If you live in a multi-level structure, a zoning control system may be just the thing you need for greater comfort and energy efficiency. Call Alberta Indoor Comfort to speak to one of our HVAC zone experts. We will be glad to provide information about our zone control systems and other options right for your home.


Every Room In Your Home Comfortable, For Less Money

One of the keys to comfortable living is ensuring that each room in your home is the temperature you desire. Too many homes have some rooms that are too hot and some that are too cold. If this sounds familiar, you don’t have to move – you just need to have your system zoned correctly.

We have the creativity and expertise to create comfortable environments throughout your whole home.



Ductless Zone Control Allows infinite temperate control for every room.



Zones are defined as a room or a group of rooms that have a dedicated thermostat to control the temperature in that specific space. Most homes are built with one thermostat which calls for heat for your entire home. In a home with customized zone controls, you will have thermostats for each of your defined zones which provide heated and cooled air to each individual area.

In a zoned system, motorized dampers open and close based on the demands of the particular thermostat controlling the zone calling for heating or cooling. These dampers can be inserted into the ducts, or can be installed at the air outlet for each room or zone. Multiple dampers can be controlled together for a single zone if multiple ducts serve a single room or zone.

Installing a zoning system allows you to save money as you only heat or cool those areas you wish, not your whole home. Most importantly, a zoned system will create the most comfortable living spaces in your home. No more too hot upstairs and freezing in the basement!!

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