Here are a list of questions and answers that homeowners frequently ask us. We’ve also included some questions that homeowners should ask but may not always think to ask!

Q. Will you service equipment even if you didn’t install it?

A. Yes, we service almost every make and model that is currently in operation.

Q. Do you offer payment plans?

A. Yes, our company offers many different payment plans. We understand that some projects need to be paid over a period of time and we will work with you to see if your project qualifies for our plans at terms that are convenient for you.

Q. Can I pay with my home equity line of credit?

A. You can pay for your project in any way that you see fit. One way that many homeowners pay for a project is to access their home equity line of credit and either pay cash, write a check, or charge their credit card, and draw those funds from a home equity line of credit.

Q. Will it be done at a convenient time?

A. We want you to be completely satisfied with the experience. Therefore, we will work with you to help you find a convenient time for our team to complete the project at your home.

Q. Can I have the work done on a weekend?

A. We will work around your schedule. Simply let us know when it’s best for you and we will do that job when you need it done.

Q. Will you keep the work area clean and safe?

A. We value your home and know how important it is that your home remains safe and clean. We promise to use boot protectors and floor coverings when working in your home. And, we promise to clean up your home as good as we found it when we are done the project. If you feel that our team did not live up to this standard, we will clean your home until you are satisfied with the result.

Q. Will you explain all the steps you’re going to do with the project before you do it?

A. Yes! We believe that you should understand exactly what we’re doing to make your home safer and more comfortable for your family. So our expert will explain exactly what they will be doing before they do anything, so you know what our team will be doing in your home.

Q. Will I like the employees who are coming to the house?

A. Our team of experts are highly trained and hard working. Not only that but every member of the team has been drug-tested and background-checked to ensure that you feel at ease. Our team members will arrive in easy-to-identify vehicles and they will be wearing uniforms.

Q. Has your company been around for a long time?

A. Our company has been around for more than 20 years. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built.

Q. Is your company locally owned?

A. While some companies have franchised to try to offer the same services in all different neighborhoods, we’ve taken a different approach: we are locally owned by people who live and work in the area. In fact, some of our employees could even be neighbors. We’re involved in the community. That means, unlike a “one-size-fits-all” franchise, we know the unique challenges and opportunities of owning a home in this area, and that knowledge has been factored into the service we’re providing you.

Q. What else do you do?

A. We want to help you make your home safer and more comfortable for your family, so we have several services that we offer. Visit our website or ask the expert when they come to your house about what other ways we can help you.