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Not enough hot water from your conventional tank?

The most common problems water heaters experience include:
  • Sudden lack of hot water
  • Not enough hot water
  • Water is cloudy or has a bad odor

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Instant water heaters are state-of-the-art when it comes to instant water heating. Unlike conventional instant heaters in the market, in which you can only control input power, thermostatic instant heaters allow users to preselect their desired output water temperature.

The thermostatic heater continuously senses inlet water temperature and computes how much energy to use so that you get your shower at your desired temperature.

Consistent hot water.

Instant hot water heater manages its performance automatically to deliver hot water with consistent temperature depending on what you need.

Can be easily adjusted and the system will also adjust power use appropriately.

Energy Efficient.

The low-to-high settings of instant hot water heaters control the energy used to heat the water.

Due to inlet water temperature changes every season, these heaters need to be constantly adjusted so as not to waste energy.

Save money.

Instant hot water heaters generally will save you energy and water.

The energy efficiency and water consumption savings translate to monetary savings.