Ozone Air Purifier

Are you sick of the way your home smells? Have you tried air sprays and fresheners with no success? Call Alberta Indoor Comfort and ask about getting clean, fresh air with an ozone deodorizer.

Maybe you moved into a home of a smoker or one that owned pets, and you can’t get rid of the smell no matter what you do. Sprays only mask the odor instead of eliminating it. Regardless of what odour you have, an ozone air purifier could be the best way to get rid of it at the source. Call Alberta Indoor Comfort (previously Sears) to see if you could benefit from installing an air purifier.

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Common Household Odours

Most home odours are pleasant -- the baking of pies or cakes, the burning of candles, a pot roast in the oven. However, sometimes we get odours in our homes that are offensive to our sense of smell and try as we might, we can’t get rid of them. Here are common, tough to get rid of, household odours.

  • Pet smells
  • Smoke
  • Rotting trash
  • Mold & mildew

Regardless of where the odour begins, it always seems to permeate the entire house which is why it’s essential to find out if ozone odour removal can get rid of the odour at the root level and leave you with a clean, fresh smelling home again.

How Does Ozone Odour Removal Work?

First off, what is ozone? Ozone is a gas that’s both naturally occurring and manmade. This gas has oxidizing properties, which allows it to tackle foul odours at the molecular level. When you install an ozone air purifier in your house, the ozone destroys the source of the odour by breaking apart its molecules so the smell goes away. It’s much more effective than sprays or air fresheners which only ‘perfume’ the air and don’t get rid of the source of the stench.

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Is an Ozone Odour Eliminator Right For Me?

Ozone eliminators have been proven effective at getting rid of even the most stubborn and foul odours, however, this powerful technology is best used by a professional ozone odour removal specialist because of the toxic nature of ozone in high quantities. If you have stubborn pet odours or cigarette smoke odours, you can’t get rid of, an ozone deodorizing treatment could be just the trick.

A professional ozone air treatment for house odours can be just what you need to get rid of that odour that lingers no matter what you do! If you have a smell you’re sick of, call Alberta Indoor Comfort today at (403) 230-2689 and ask about our ozone odour removal services.