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Remember that time when you said, it must have been nice to have a garage heater?

Does your car get too cold and take time to idle and warm up?

Reduce idling your car - eliminate CO and emissions build up.

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  • Reduce idling your car to warm up - eliminate CO and emissions build up. 
  • Keep your children or your grand children warm and safe.
  • Keep outdoor plants and pets warm during winter storms and cold night.
  • Utilize your before unused spaces like your neighbours have done for years.
  • Store materials sensitive to severe cold, eg. paints, perishable, your prized toys. Do you want your house to have a garage heater?
  • Turn you garage into your winter workshop.

Benefits of Garage Heaters

1. Keep your cars warm and get in and out of them in comfort.

They say on the road that the car is your best friend. You take care of your car as if it’s your own family.

Garage heaters keep your car warmer. It will preserve the battery life therefore it will also reduce the fuel consumption because you don’t need to warm your vehicle during winter days.

In addition, it keeps your vehicle safe and neat from snow or ice.

2. Keep your (grand) children warm and safe.

Sometimes you want to spend your time in the garage just to finish a project or work something out.

During winter days it is really hard to work because of the extreme weather condition being dealt with by our body.

Garage heaters will make you comfortable so that you can tune your car or work on your project in the garage without worrying about the climate. You can protect yourself from inclement weather condition while you are in the garage.

3. Turn your garage into a winter workshop.

During the cold season you can’t go outside because of the thick pouring snow. What is your activity if that’s the case? 70% of the time, you go to your garage to work on something.

Garage heaters will make your garage area your work area as well. It will make you work on something properly without the cold bother you.

Sometimes you can also invite your kids to join you in the garage for activities and quality time spent is priceless.

4. Keep outdoor plants, pets and sensitive materials from freezing on winter and cold nights.

As technology advances, there are many garage heaters in the market. The price range depends on the area size and the amount of heat you want.

Some garage heaters are energy efficient as well. Just make sure your garage is properly insulated. They are also quiet and it doesn’t require a space-eating ductwork for you to have a garage heater.

Choose the right Garage Heater for you.

Radiant Heaters. 

The effectiveness of a radiant tube heater is heavily reliant on its location in the garage. Typically these are mounted at the front of the garage and radiate heat towards the vehicles and large garage door. Radiant heaters heat objects not the air (Just like the sun)and as the objects and floor heat they also radiate the heat so the garage maintains a comfortable temperature. 

Operational costs of radiant heaters are less than forced air units as they do not suffer from stratification and when you do open the garage door do not have to work as hard to reheat the garage as the objects and floors are already warm and will have retained heat.

The only disadvantage to a radiant heater is the amount of heat they put out close to the source. The heat can be quite intense and uncomfortable if you are working under them in a low ceiling workshop environment but the trade off to that is you can actually use them if you are doing wood finishing etc. as they do not blow the dust around like a unit heater. If you use your garage to park your cars, for storage and occasional project during the winter a radiant tube heater is the perfect choice.


Forced Air Heaters.

Forced air heaters operate exactly like a furnace and blow the warmed air around the garage. They heat a garage evenly and todays units are very quiet. The advantages to a forced air heater is they heat the garage just like your home so the garage really becomes a usable room 365 days a year. 

There are disadvantages to forced air units as well, the most significant being operational costs. A forced air unit will typically cost 30% more than a radiant unit to operate. Warm are stratifies and rises to the ceiling area and when the garage door is open rushes out. This means that even if you only open the garage door for a few minutes the heater has to entirely reheat the garage when the door closes again. Unlike radiant heaters though the effectiveness of a forced air unit is not nearly as reliant on its location in the garage so if installation flexibility is important to you , they should be considered.

Also...If your garage is your "man Cave"...or "woman Cave" then the forced air unit is by far your best choice as it maintains a perfect environment. Regardless of the type of heater you choose you still have to figure out what temperature to keep the garage.