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Cold or Hot Rooms or Spaces in your house? 

30-50% of your warmed or cooled air is leaking out from your ductwork.

Is your home dusty or causes allergies and air quality issues? Higher than expected utility bills ? 


Increase your comfort

Typically 90%+ reduction in loss of your hot or cold air delivery

Improve Air Quality

Healthier and cleaner air. Eliminate dirt, allergens and contaminants.

Increase energy efficiency.

Typically 30% increase in your system’s energy efficiency

Better Performance

Improve performance, efficiency and life span of your system.

Reduce carbon footprint.

Reduce your family's carbon footprint by 10% without changing your habits

Quick and Easy

Done within a few short hours. Results can be seen and felt almost instantly.

Longer List of Benefits of Sealing Your Ducts

Healthy air means healthy well being

Sealed ductwork allows for the filtered air to get to you without impurities, otherwise when it sucks all kinds of allergens as it rushes past the leaks.

Improved Comfort

Only after sealing her home's ducts was Carla able to get a cool night's sleep.  Prior to that, the air conditioner ran the whole night and never provided the cooling she desired.  In the meantime, her family suffered cold elsewhere.

Energy and Money Saving

Duct sealing is the answer to your high utility bills, returning to you the 20-30% energy loss that homes typically suffer from leaking ducts.

Higher Quality Performance

Sealed ductwork delivers the conditioned air to where you desire, the first time, to the grills that were purposefully designed for your heating and cooling objectives.  No need for your equipment working longer to satisfy your needs.

Environmental Friendly

Saving energy is not only saving money, it's also reducing carbon footprint and therefore preserving our earth for our future generation.

Reliable System

Most of the time you depend on your system based on how you maintain it. How well do you take care of your duct work?

Alberta Indoor Comfort technician repairing unit

Protects Your HVAC System

Sealed and thus higher efficiency system allows your furnace and air conditioner to work less, therefore extending its life.

Duct Sealing Improves Your Family's Comfort

No More Hot or Cold Spaces

Improved Air Quality

Duct Sealing Reduces Global Warming

Duct Sealing is a 2 year Payback and $9,000 Cash to You

What Are Leaking Ducts ?

JUST LIKE A LEAKING GARDENHOSE, your home's leaking ductwork fails to deliver the conditioned air to its desired destination as typically it leaks out inside the walls and between the floor joist.

The metal joints in your ductwork are not air tight.  Unless sealed, typically up to 40% of the air that leaves your furnace leaks on the way to its destination.  Most are not sealed.

EVERY UNSEALED JOINT LEAKS, even if you can not see it or feel its gentle breeze.  The infrared picture confirms it with the bright red.

Our patented duct sealing system stops the air leaking from your ductwork, from the smallest cracks to most split joints, without destroying your walls as done from inside.

Fact:  67% not 95%

Fact 1:  If you buy a 95% high efficiency furnace but leave your ducts unsealed, your actual heating/cooling system efficiency drops to 67%.

Fact 2:   Alberta Building Code states that all ductwork joints must be sealed yet rarely they are sealed.  Older homes are even more likely to have leaky ducts.

Actual Duct Sealing Results:  90%+ leakage decrease

How does Duct Sealing work?

Need to locate all supply and return vents and seal all of them to make sure no air will pass through it. A blower attached to the computer system will pressurize the duct system and identify the lost energy or leakage in cubic feet per minute to assess the leaking problem.

To seal the leaks off, a fan, nozzel will be hooked up to inject Aeroseal to the ducts through a flexible transparent hose. The airborne sealant particles travel to the pressurized ductwork and will start to close the gaps and holes from inside and out.

Duct Sealing Completion Certificates

Videos for more information

Duct Sealing with Aeroseal Demonstration

How Aeroseal Duct Sealing Works Whiteboard Video

Kavanagh Industries: AeroSeal Demo