Calgary Filter Replacement

Got a dirty air filter? We carry all types. Call us for quality filter replacement in Calgary.

Heating and cooling air filters come in all shapes and sizes, literally. Air filters also vary from one manufacturer to another. Alberta Indoor Comfort (previously Sears) in Calgary, AB has been replacing air filters for decades. We understand the importance of replacing air filters that are right for the system you own. Installing the wrong filter can result in damage to your unit and may even void the manufacturer's warranty.

Many homeowners prefer to have a trusted air filter expert to replace their filters. This way there is no mistake that your system is getting the right filter. Give Alberta Indoor Comfort a call, and we'll be happy to choose and install the right air filter for your heating and cooling system.

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Furnace & AC Filters Are Not All The Same

If your home has one central AC / heating unit, one filter will cover both heating and cooling. These filters are referred to as whole-house air filters. If you have a separate AC and furnace that share the same air handler, you also only need one filter.

When air travels through your HVAC system, the filter will block contaminants, so they never enter your HVAC system. To ensure peak efficiency of your system, it is important to change your system's air filter regularly.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality With Clean Filters

Replacing the air filter in your system will boost the air quality inside your home significantly, adding to the general comfort and safety of everyone in the home. A new air filter will keep your system running without problems, increase its life expectancy and provide proper air circulation throughout every room.

Changing your HVAC air filter may seem like a no brainer, so why would you hire someone else to do it when you can do it yourself? Keep reading and we'll explain why only a reputable expert should change your heating and cooling air filter.

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What's the Worst that Could Happen?

Those are famous last words spoken by many homeowners when they resolve to change their air filter on their own. However, consider that not all heating and cooling air filters are the same. Finding the right filter for your unit involves knowing what brand, make, model, size, and quality to buy. If you get anyone one of these wrong, your system's overall performance will be significantly impaired.

That is one reason why many homeowners prefer to have annual maintenance on their HVAC system.  During the yearly inspection, a licensed technician will not only replace the air filter but also lubricate moving parts and check for debris and other damage. This kind of evaluation is best left to a professional unless the homeowner has received the proper training.

Alberta Indoor Comfort in Calgary, AB is your one-stop HVAC air filter specialist. We carry all brands of AC and furnace air filters. Call 403-230-2689 for 24-hour service on air filter replacement, indoor air quality, disability plumbing and aging-in-place (CAPS) solutions.