Calgary Water Leak Detection & Repair Service

Have you noticed your water bills higher than usual? You may have a water leak you’re not aware of! Call Alberta Indoor Comfort (previously Sears) and ask about our water line leak detection service.

An unexpected rise in your water bill could mean you have a water leak that’s not visible, and the more water that leaks out, the more money you’re wasting in high water bills. If you have higher than normal water bills, you need to call a water leak detection company right away and get the problem resolved.

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Do You Have a Water Leak? Here’s How to Tell for Sure!

Most people use about the same amount of water from month to month, and their water bills remain mostly the same. However, if there’s a sudden jump in your water bill it could mean you have a leak you’re not aware of. Here’s how to spot a leak you can’t see.

  • Make sure you have no water running in the house
  • Check your water meter and see if it registers the water is flowing
  • Or measure the water flow rate at hour intervals

If your water meter registers water flow and you have no water running in the house, it means you have a leak somewhere in the system. It’s essential you find and fix these leaks quickly so you waste no more money on water you’re not using.

So You Have a Water Leak, Now What?

Once you’ve figured out you have a leak somewhere in your system, you need to call in a professional water leak detection company. Your plumber has a few ways to find the source of the leak including:

  • Video - A small video camera mounted onto a flexible cable is inserted into your plumbing to find the leak.
  • Soil Probing - If the leak is in your sewer line, your plumbing pro may opt to probe the soil and listen for any water leakages coming through.
  • Electronic Leak Detection - Sometimes, a plumber can detect leaks via electromagnetic equipment.

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Hidden Dangers of Undetected Water Leaks

Besides a high water bill, an undetected water leak can cause water damage if it occurs near porous surfaces like wooden floors, carpets or drywall. If the leak goes on for too long, the damage can end up costing you hundreds to repair. Also, water leaks contribute to the buildup of mould and mildew, both of which cause health problems such as asthma attacks and respiratory problems.

Don’t let an unseen water leak drain your bank account! Call Alberta Indoor Comfort if you’re in the Calgary area at 403-230-2689 today and ask about our main water line repair and water line leak detection services.