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If your boiler is running on the fritz, call the boiler experts in Calgary for prompt service.

Alberta Indoor Comfort (previously Sears) in Calgary, AB is the most trusted boiler repair contractor in the city. Residents appreciate our unwavering commitment to bringing customers high-quality boiler services with equally high standards. We provide residential heating and cooling services that are 100% guaranteed and a reliable 24/7 emergency service. Our boiler repairs and new boiler installations are guaranteed to last. Our licensed boiler specialists receive ongoing training on the latest developments in heating technology. You can be sure to receive high-quality boiler installations and repairs that will last for decades.

Alberta Indoor Comfort is one of the few heating and cooling companies in Calgary with a strong focus on ageing-in-place, offering personalized accessibility and mobility solutions to our elderly neighbours.

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What is a Boiler & How Does it Work

Boilers are an important part of the central heating system. Simply put, boilers heat water in order to generate steam. This steam can be used to heat living spaces, and for humidification, sterilization, and power generation. When it's cold outside, you turn on the boiler with an electric switch to open a valve that allows gas to enter a sealed combustion chamber in the boiler, and then an electric ignition system sets them alight. The gas jets then enter a heat exchanger that is attached to a pipe carrying room temperature water. The heat exchanger then heats up the water.

Today’s current boilers run on either gas, oil or electricity, and they use radiant heat to warm a room. Other features to look for in a boiler are whether it is a condensing vs. non-condensing boiler or a sealed combustion vs. non-sealed combustion. Additional factors to consider are the climate where you live, the size boiler you'll need, and efficiency rating.

High-Quality Boiler Repairs and Installations

At Alberta Indoor Comfort, we understand the complexities of residential boilers. If your boiler is not performing as it should, we can send a licensed expert to your home to conduct an inspection. We'll locate the source of the problem and repair it. If we determine that your boiler is beyond repair, we can replace it with the right boiler for your home.

More homeowners are "aging-in-place" instead of downsizing. Learn more about our tailored solutions for elderly residents.

Boiler or Furnace - Which is Best?

We already know how boilers work. Furnaces, by comparison, distribute heat through your the duct system and release warm air into rooms through vents or registers situated on walls, floors or ceilings. Furnaces are fueled by electricity, natural gas, propane, or oil. They are also more common in newer homes whereas boilers are usually found in older structures.

Both furnaces and boilers work well in different settings. Furnaces will blow conditioned air, which can create in a drafty condition. Radiant heat, on the other hand, dispenses a comfortable, quiet heat at steady temperatures. Although a boiler is more expensive than a furnace, many people feel that boilers are worth the extra cost.

Boilers require annual maintenance service, while gas boilers do not.  Furnaces, however, do require maintenance and it is often recommended by manufacturers in order to maintain their warranty.

Alberta Indoor Comfort in Calgary, AB is a fully-licensed boiler contractor and boiler repair company. We offer boiler repairs and replacements, heating, plumbing and indoor air quality services that are guaranteed. Call 403-230-2689 for reliable 24/7 service.