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Reasons Why Your Kids Wake up Struggling

Sleep is more important than you might think, especially for kids. It helps improve attention, behavior, learning, memory, and mental and physical health. It’s also the only part of the night that their body gets to rest and repair. Do you notice your kids always waking up in the morning with stuffy noses? Here are the possible causes. 



Children who are sensitive to pollen, dust, or other dirt in the air usually worsen at night. And since they’ve been inhaling those pollutants, this may be more serious in the morning. And maybe one of the problem areas is the bedroom. 

You must wash the sheets, pillowcases, and blankets at least once weekly. Use hot water to kill any dust mites that stick to it. Consider investing in an organic or hypoallergenic mattress. If they have a stuffed toy, don’t forget to wash it regularly so it won’t gather dust mites that can disturb your child while sleeping. Contaminants in the air can be eliminated using Electronic Air Filters and HEPA.


Rebound Congestion 

When the stuffy nose strikes, we usually buy over-the-counter nasal sprays to get fast relief. Since it’s available in the drug store, people tend to overuse it which can lead to tissue damage inside your nose or other long-term severe problems. You may experience headaches, trouble sleeping, restlessness, or anxiety when you stop using it. So, it’s important to only use it for the number of days prescribed by doctors. 

You can use Saline Sprays instead when you have congestion. It contains no medication and no side effects. And it is also safe for all ages.  


Dry Air 

Inhaling dry air from your HVAC system can cause a stuffy nose, irritation in your throat, inflammation, and allergies. You will notice that your kids will wake up in the morning with dry mouths and will start coughing for no reason. And we know how frustrating it is!  

The easiest way to improve the dry air is to add moisture into the air. Putting a humidifier inside your kid’s room can make a difference. It can help them to sleep better and to keep their body healthy. 


Poor Indoor Air Quality 

Poor indoor air quality is an invisible threat to you and your family’s health. It increases the risk of poor sleep. And poor sleep weakens our immunity system. Take action now and don’t wait for your family to suffer. Call our professionals to improve your indoor air quality. We will make sure to provide you with solutions to your problem in your home.