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Three Ways To Keep Pipes From Freezing This Winter

Don’t Allow Burst Pipes To Ruin Holiday Celebrations

The holidays are supposed to be a time for friends, family, and food. Not plumbing emergencies. Even with all the modern technology at humankind’s disposal, it’s a wonder there’s not a better way to keep pipes from bursting in the harsh winter months and requiring repiping services. Unfortunately, keeping those pipes from freezing still requires some human intervention. 

Luckily, it doesn’t take much. There are only three easy things every homeowner needs to keep in mind to keep their festivities merry and their water flowing. 

Ensure Proper Pipe Insulationpipes

A home’s insulation is key for keeping the cold out and the heat in during the winter months, and vice-versa during the summer. While pipes will do fine in hot weather, they do require some protection in the winter. That’s why homeowners need to ensure that their pipes are properly insulated. Especially those outdoor pipes that are exposed to the weather all the time. This doesn’t take a lot of work and can easily be done by the homeowner to the most exposed pipes. Home improvement or hardware stores carry both premade foam and spray foam insulation for pipes. 

Let Water Run at a Drip

The second tip to keep pipes from freezing is common knowledge but still bears repeating because it’s powerful and easy to do. The reason pipes burst in the winter is because water is allowed to sit in the pipes, exposed to the cold. Once a small portion of the water inside the pipe freezes, the pressure begins to build behind that blockage. It isn’t the actual ice that causes the pipe to burst, but the pressure buildup.


This is why letting the water run at a drip is so effective. Not only does it keep water moving, making it less likely to freeze, but it also defends against a buildup of pressure. Many homeowners ensure that they remember this tip simply by writing a note and posting it by the door they use to leave the house or by the sink. 

Keep a Consistent Temperature

The last tip to keep in mind is all about the interior temperature of the house. Many homeowners are tempted to conserve energy when they leave the house by turning the thermostat off. This is a mistake in the wintertime. Keeping a consistent temperature is key. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be the same temperature all the time. It simply means that the thermostat needs to be above 12-degrees Celsius consistently. This will ensure that the house’s pipes stay warm enough that they won’t freeze and burst.

A bonus comes in the form of open doors. This tip should always be used in conjunction with a consistent temperature, as the two work together to keep the pipes toasty. Even when homeowners leave their thermostat at that temperature, there can still be issues if doors block off certain areas of the house. Leaving all interior doors open and even opening cabinet doors under sinks can ensure that the pipes don’t burst when homeowners are away for an extended period during the winter. 

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