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Why Give Your Furnace a Tune-Up?

The Importance of Routine Furnace Maintenance 

Homeownership comes with a lot of responsibility. Between the everyday maintenance and yearly updates, performing maintenance on the furnace may seem like another tedious task that can slip through the cracks. But furnace maintenance plays a major role in the safe functioning of the unit and home. Furnaces are the source of heat for a home, and essential during the cold season. 

Read on to find out the benefits of an annual furnace tune-up and why a furnace should get a little TLC.

Tune-Ups Keep Homes & Family Safe

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Essential to any furnace tune-up is the inspection process. A trained tech will examine the furnace for any issues and determine what needs fixing. A good tech will also inform homeowners about what needs to be addressed right away and what to take care of at a later date. 

Even small issues with the system can lead to combustion and fuel problems that will spell trouble. Fires are a risk when furnaces aren’t functioning right. Maintenance helps ensure that any issues are fixed that might lead to the furnace breaking down, leaving some without heat during a cold winter. The number one call HVAC companies receive in the winter is a call for help due to furnace failures that usually could have been prevented by routine maintenance.

Additionally, during a tune-up, the tech will clean the furnace. Cleaning the furnace will prevent excess dust and allergen buildup. This improves the home’s air quality, which can keep those inside healthier and more comfortable. It could even improve sleep!

Tune-Ups Keep Homes Comfortable

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Think of a furnace tune-up like a yearly checkup for the home’s heating system. Addressing the issues that arise from lack of maintenance also prevents the dreaded “no-heat” scenario that arises during colder weather. The tune-up cleaning will also ensure that the furnace regulates and senses temperature better. 

This maintains the heat throughout a property without excessive fluctuation in temperature. The home will stay at the desired temperature without having to worry about the furnace giving out. Additionally, the furnace’s fan and filter help keep the air clean and fresh smelling, which can prevent any musty smells throughout the winter.

Tune-Ups Keep the Furnace Efficient and Running Longer


The greatest benefit found in annual furnace tune-ups is the resulting efficiency and longevity of the furnace. When a furnace is always dirty, it has to work harder to heat the house through the grime. Dirty furnaces also do not sense temperature correctly. The poor sensor readings and grime prevent the furnace from heating the entire house to the desired temperature.

More importantly, tune-ups extend the lifespan of the unit. When a furnace is working to heat the home through dirt, dust, and debris, it has to work twice as hard. This leads to parts overworking, and they start breaking down. At its worst, an overworked furnace will give out and need replacement. Furnace replacements are far more expensive than an annual tune-up.

Ask Your Local HVAC Specialists About Furnace Maintenance Today!

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