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Don't Be Frightened By Bathroom Remodeling

Professional Contractors Make Bathrooms More Accessible

Nearly 15% of Canadians currently live with some impairment, whether for mobility, vision, or hearing. That number will grow to 20% over the next two decades as the population ages. With such a large proportion of the population experiencing some form of disability, it is getting harder to find living spaces that can accommodate limitations and allow people with impairments to live safe and independent lives. 

Homeowners looking to add value to their home or plan for their future are taking steps to make their homes more accessible during planned renovations. Increasing the accessibility of a home is always a good choice and allows its occupants to continue their lives with self-reliance and dignity.  

Why Remodel a Bathroom for Accessibility?


Aging is inevitable, and with aging comes limitations in mobility. Regardless of the age of a home or its occupants, someone with a disability will eventually occupy the home. Making a bathroom more accessible adds value to a home, whether the plan is to sell it or live in it until accessibility is necessary. An excellent time to start thinking about the accessibility of a home is during a renovation. 

Additionally, the majority of household accidents occur in the bathroom. By renovating a bathroom for accessibility, many of the hazards that can cause accidents are removed, making the bathroom safer for everyone. 

What Changes Can Be Made?

"Barrier-free access" is an industry term used to describe the goals of making bathrooms more accessible to people with disabilities. Barrier-free access aims to maintain disabled people's independence by removing the barriers that prevent them from carrying out normal tasks. For bathrooms, this can be as simple as removing trip hazards like rugs or bath mats. 

To renovate bathrooms and make them more accessible requires some planning. First, locating accessible bathrooms on the first floor of a dwelling removes the hazard of numerous trips upstairs to use the facilities. As bathrooms are renovated, doorways are widened, layouts are changed to accommodate wheelchairs, grab bars are added around toilets, and roll-in showers are installed. 

Save Time and Money by Working With Professionals 

Stringent requirements govern accessibility codes. These requirements can be daunting for a DIY-er to navigate during a renovation. Fortunately, professionals are trained to navigate accessibility codes to renovate a bathroom with accessibility in mind. 

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Homeowners looking to find help with disability remodeling should look for contractors who are "Certified Aging in Place" specialists. Certified specialists are ready to help customers navigate the renovation process so that their bathrooms are accessible and safe for disabled or aging loved ones. Often, accessibility renovations are time-sensitive because of an accident or concerns over a loved one's independence. 

Professional contractors are used to working on time-sensitive projects and can help guide the disability renovation to be ready as soon as possible. By providing loved ones with safe and accessible facilities, families can help their disabled members retain their independence and pride. 

About Alberta Indoor Comfort

Alberta Indoor Comfort is Calgary's premier heating, cooling, plumbing, and accessibility contractor. As Certified Aging in Place specialists, they've helped hundreds of people maintain their independence by making their spaces more accessible. Contact them today for top-quality remodeling service in Calgary.