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Ductless air conditioning systems have become increasingly popular over the years as they offer an efficient and affordable way to keep homes cool during hot summer months. This makes them a great choice for homeowners who want to control the temperature in different parts of their house separately. 


When it comes to choosing a company for your ductless air conditioning needs, Alberta Indoor Comfort stands out for several reasons. First, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians who are trained to handle all types of ductless AC installations. We use only the best quality equipment and materials, ensuring that our clients get the most value for their money. Additionally, we offer competitive pricing and transparent pricing options, so our clients can make informed decisions about their investment in their home comfort.

At Alberta Indoor Comfort, we understand that every home is different, and that's why we take a personalized approach to our ductless AC installation services. Our team works closely with clients to understand their unique cooling needs and recommend the best solution that fits their budget and lifestyle. We also provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure that our clients' ductless AC systems continue to operate at peak efficiency.

What is a Ductless Mini Split AC?

You guessed right – air conditioning without ductwork.   With a ductless air conditioner system from Alberta Indoor Comfort, you don’t need traditional furnace ducting to get your cooling. Whether you live in a new home, condo, townhouse, an older home without ductwork, or are simply adding or converting a room or space, the ductless mini split is a great way to add cooling (or even heating) to get complete year-round climate control in a specific area of your home. Ductless air conditioning is a great and efficient way to enhance your comfort, no matter what challenges your space presents.

Where to locate Ductless System Indoor Units?

Ductless systems are truly the Swiss knife or Leatherman Tool of the HVAC industry: whatever you can think of, ductless is likely able to deliver. A great solution for all, it is particularly beneficial for older homes, sunrooms, garages, man-caves and work rooms, hot and cold spaces, renovations and additions, attic and basement conversions, condos, townhomes, apartments and businesses. They are also great for reducing cooling costs for empty nesters and single owner homes.

10 Best Reasons to choose a Ductless AC System.

1. Why choose Ductless AC over Portable or Window "Shaker" AC?

Choose a ductless air conditioner for efficiency, noise, aesthetics and low maintenance. Get that bulky, space taking, view-obstructing, noisy AC unit out of your bedroom or window for good! A ductless AC system offers a sleeker appearance, remarkable efficiency (saving you money), unparalleled quietness and comfort, and maintenance free operation.

2. How do Ductless AC work?

Ductless systems work extremely well; ductless has been the AC solution all around the globe since 1959! Ductless units comes either as a single zone (one inside unit with one outdoor condenser) or multi-zone systems (multiple inside units connected to one outdoor condenser). Whether you want just cooling or cooling and heating, its flexibility is enormous.

Ductless systems use the same process for cooling as a typical whole home central air conditioning system, however instead of the central system that uses your your furnace to blow cold are into your whole home through the ducts, the ductless unit blows cooled air directly into one space.

3. Lower your bills. Ductless AC can save your money.

A ductless system can help you greatly reduce your monthly energy bills because it uses substantially less energy (due to a high SEER rating) and has no losses through traditional HVAC ductwork; this means your bills will drop dramatically! On average, you can save 30% to 40% per month on utility bills by switching to a ductless air conditioner; as carbon taxes increase to $150/ton, increasing home utilities by $1,000/year, the ductless system will help you achieve greater savings!

4. Space Efficient. Ductless will save you space.

One main advantage of ductless AC systems is its space saving design.

On the outside of your home (or business), it has a smaller footprint than a whole home condenser. As such, it better fits in tighter areas such as adjacent to townhouses or new tightly spaced single homes.

On the inside, the ductless mini split systems easily blend into your space without standing out - see some of the pictures below! They can be installed in the ceiling or inside a wall, surface mounted on walls high out of the way, as floor units, in utility closets or even under your bed.

5. Ductless AC Systems are quiet.

The library, the background in a concert hall or your bedroom at night is 30 decibels of sound. Normal conversation is 60 to 70 decibels. The inside ductless cooling units are barely over 30 dB.

With an average noise level of 32 decibels, ductless systems are not only whisper quiet, they are virtually undetectable - not bad for a cooling workhorse. The quietness of ductless system will help you fall asleep and eliminate noise typically experienced with traditional HVAC system.

6. Ductless AC improves indoor air quality.

Ductless systems are a great solution to help you improve your indoor air quality. Ductless systems come with baseline filtration which provide cleaner air in whichever room they are in. Having said that, if you require higher quality air treatment than standard in a specific space, the ductless system is a great enabler for unique/hyper treatment solutions requiring ventilation and temperature control. Not in need of treatment? Ductless is also a great solution for a condo, apartment or space with radiant heating but limited ventilation. You get the improved air treatment without the noise of a typical portable air cleaning unit!

7. Individual Room (Space) Comfort Control

Unlike the whole home cooling systems, since its invention in 1959 ductless AC provides you the ability to individually control each cooling device, meaning each wall, ceiling, floor unit can have a different temperature. This way you are able to set the temperature for each room uniquely, saving many disagreements related to temperature discomfort. Your controller also doubles as the thermostat and thus you can further fine tune the temperature to where you want it; the indoor unit "follows" the controller thermostat to wherever you put it.

You also don’t waste your money cooling or heating rooms that you don’t use. For example, not cooling bedrooms during the day since the main floor is not connected to the same system.

8. Ductless AC is easy to maintain.

Maintaining the ductless unit is incredibly straight forward: all that is required is replacing your unit's filter on a regular basis! Periodically, bring your trusted AC expert like Alberta Indoor Comfort to thoroughly wash out and disinfect your system.

9. Ductless is ideal for townhouse, condos, sun & sitting rooms, home offices.

Space is limited or at a premium in many locations. A ductless system delivers your comfort needs and desires without taking up valuable space. On the exterior, the condenser is tucked away on your deck, roof or hanging from brackets. On the inside of your home or business, we generally install the cooling units high up on the wall or inside the ceiling or wall space. We run the refrigerant lines and power wires inside the walls/ceiling or tuck into the corners and neatly cover with molding or bulkheads. You'll not even know the system is there!

10. Ductless AC can help you manage heat.

Hot flashes are a reality for many. The instant cooled air from your close-to-the-bedside, so-quiet-you-don't-even-know-it's-there ductless unit drapes you or your partner in a shroud of comfort.

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Best Practices for Ductless AC Installation

Beyond the manufacturer's directives (which focus on proper operation), these are the best practices to assure that your ductless unit does not damage your home or frustrate your neighbours.

Download or request below our comprehensive 4-page summary of these best practices.

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