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Buy The Best AC System for your Home!

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Be Cool! Get Cool Relief With Your New AC!

Cool Your Summer Heat!


Save Life

Heat has a huge impact to health especially in the summer months, which is why it is essential for your health and well-being to keep cool when it is hot.

Improve Air Quality

An Air Conditioner makes your home cleaner which reduces allergens and bacteria making you healthier.

Reduce Humidity

High humidity can damage wood, drywall, books, and more, which can cause you to spend more on unnecessary repairs and replacements in your home.

There’s nothing worse than trying to get comfortable during the hottest days and nights when you don’t have adequate cooling in your home. At Alberta Indoor Comfort (previously Sears), we’re one of the few air conditioning installation companies in the area that offers a satisfaction guarantee, and 24/7 emergency support.

Not enough room for a full-sized air conditioner? Check out our Ductless Mini Split systems and call us at 403-329-6400.

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Why Should You Get Air Conditioning in Calgary?

Breeze through Heatwaves

Calgarians noticed and felt the increase in temperatures along the years and such creates an uncomfortable environment for you and your family. Air Conditioning system helps you ease the heat and manage the desired comfort and temperature in your home.

Feel better… Do better. We are more productive and creative in an environment with cooler temperature.

Heat Recovery Ventilator at Home
Indoor Air Quality

Improve Indoor Air Quality

An air conditioner with its filters make your home’s air cleaner, improving indoor air quality, reduces allergens and bacteria making you healthier.

AC creates a cooler environment that reduces risk of heatstroke and dehydration, especially during hot season. These can be avoided with an air conditioning system for cooler temperature, as you desire, to keep you and your family comfortable. Both illnesses can be prevented with an air conditioning system. The cooler air in your home will reduce sweating and keep your body temperature low and comfortable.

Reduce Humidity

Reduce humidity in your home by up to 50%. High humidity can damage wood, drywall, books and more, which causes you to spend more on unnecessary repairs and replacements in your home.

Having said that, increased humidity can also increase and aggravate respiratory health risks.

Increase House Value

Installing an AC in your Calgary home absolutely increases its value should you later on decide to sell your house. AC installation is a great investment that you and your family will use for a long time.

The return on investment can be used as soon as it is installed, more comfortable, up to when you decide to sell your house.

Signs your AC Needs To Be Replaced

Knowing when to replace your air conditioning unit is no small feat, and it can often cost thousands of dollars. Here are some signs you can find in your AC which can tell you that it needs to be replaced.

  1. AC not cooling efficiently, even after cleaning and maintenance.
  2. AC produces too much condensation, or it doesn't drain well.
  3. AC emits weird and strange odors.
  4. AC is making unusual noise or sounds.
Air Conditioning Repair

Repair or Replace?

When your air conditioner is on the fritz, you probably want to repair it rather than replace it because it is cheaper. However, consider these tips before you decide.

Age - The older the unit is, the less efficient it is, and a new AC installation will save you money on your energy bills.

Repair vs Replace Ratio - If the cost to repair your AC unit is 50% or more than the cost of a new unit, you're better off with a new air conditioning installation.

AC Installation in Calgary

Find the Best AC Install Contractor in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

It is important to find the best AC Contractor for your home. It is an investment that you will make, and it is something you and your family will use for a very long time. You need to look for a local contractor that is licensed, bonded and trusted by homeowners and other businesses in Calgary.

Alberta Indoor Comfort is here ready to serve you and provide you peace of mind, enable you to feel better and do better using a new Air Conditioning system.

AC Free, No-obligation Consultation
We provide value by giving best recommendations and solutions. We offer a free, No-obligation consultation where we pop in at your convenience for the both of us to have the opportunity to assess current situation in your home, to deliver all possible solution for you to consider. We present cost-effective options that fit your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Being able to see actual scenario, we can discuss the timeline and work schedules to complete the job.

AC Installation
Our awesome service experts have all the knowledge, training, expertise, and tools to get the job done right. We take care of the permit and other important deliverables. We carry a wide-variety, trusted, and industry-leading manufacturers that delivers long-term warranties.

Looking for Ductless Air Conditioning for Condos and Townhouses in Calgary Alberta?

A ductless mini split air conditioning, also known as a mini split heat pump is the popular choice for cooling and heating condos in Calgary. It is important to hire the right ductless air conditioning contractor who will work with your condo board associations to get your project and installation approved. Enhance your comfort in your condo and install your ductless mini split. Get a free home consultation with Alberta Indoor Comfort experts today.